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  • The main requirement is quality?

    Quality service from us to You! We emphasize to give quality work with quality materials, and we give security with the payment after every finished schedule!
  • You don’t want any surprise?

    Home refurbishing without any surprises! We consider the planning as key importance, so can we work without any surprises!

  • Do You fear from refurbishing?

    We give a real guarantee for our work, we sign a full content contract, and give security with the payment after every finished schedule!
  • You don’t have good ideas?

    We hold in one hand every detail! Architect, interior decorator, we plan for You everything from the floor to the ceiling, and do all work instead of You!
  • You don’t have a place to move?

    Not a problem!
    I can’t guarantee that it will be a dream holiday, but I can guarantee that the end will meet your expectations!

How we can guarantee, that you get the expected service?

100% Guarantee

Home Refurbishing In Budapest

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Home Refurbishing
Welcome to HamarHomes Bt,

I am Ernő Hamar the founder of this small business.

My purpose is to give a trustworthy and professional hand with your home refurbishing project.
You can rely on me and my team at any time.

home refurbishing budapest You are at the right place, if:

  • You need advise how to start your home refurbishing project
  • You need a professional hand for completion
  • You want to rest, while the the refurbishing is going on, and not to worry about the details
  • Quality and high standard is important for you

  • You need help, but you don’t trust anyone in your home?
  • You need help, but whom you trusted, didn’t finish the refurbishing as you expected?

Now you can depend on us, we give you a professional hand with your home refurbishing in Budapest!

At HamarHomes the measuring and price offer is free of charge!