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HamarHomes Guarantee

How we can guarantee, that you get the expected service? The guarantee in our business is the basic of the mutual trust and success.

HamarHomes Guarantee

Our opinion is, that the success depends on the mutual trust, which is becoming in our country more and more important. Unfortunately there isn’t a person, who didn’t hear about a neglectful work, or about the disappeared contractors.

The decision is your’s, who you trust, and we can help you with the choice with the following helpful informations:

  • Never compare the total price, check what it contains!
  • Check the duration of the guarantee!
  • Check the contacts of the contractor!
  • Check if the company really exists!

The offer should always include:

  • the contractor’s price
  • the price of the material
  • the quality standards
  • the duration of the work
  • timing of the work and payment
  • guarantees.

We guarantee the fixed price of the contract! There is only one reason when this can change, if there was no final constraction drawing, or the client orders the changes in the work!


  • electrical installations: 10 years
  • plumbing: 10 years
  • heating installations: 10 years
  • cold and warm flooring, tiling: 5 years
  • painting, wall-paper decoration: 2 years.

At HamarHomes the measuring and price offer is free of charge!